Mega Project Amal Circle 8: Online Business Startup

Syed Ali Murtaza
4 min readJun 5, 2021

Unemployment is one of the major issues in Pakistan. People have knowledge but not enough resources to earn. Especially the youth who have a desire to earn to support their family but didn’t know how to earn in limited resources. By observing these issues of youth unemployment, circle 8 took the initiative to resolve this problem. As circle 8 has a member who has been running an online business for five years, the whole team decided to target the graduating students, who have the most desire to earn money while learning, to provide them with the knowledge of online learning. That’s how the Online Business Startup (OBS) came into existence.

The main target of Online Business Startup (OBS) is to educate the students to earn money online. To accomplish this goal, the Online Business Startup (OBS) team started an online campaign to register as many serious students as possible. We successfully got fifteen students registered in our online course. Since only one member in circle 8 is a successful businessman, the rest of us were also registered as students to learn online earning.

It is undoubtedly a challenging task to teach students about earning online to lower the rate of unemployment. But we did our best. Since it is our first batch, we are offering our services for free but this was also a problem. Every time we reach out to the students and explain to them the theme of OBS and offer our course for free they start to take us lightly as if we are not charging them a fee then it is not worthy of their time. We tried to convince as many students as possible. Although the number of students for our first batch is quite low at the same time it is totally fine. Because even if one of them starts earning online after completing our course then it will be a great achievement for us.

We feel very difficult to decide the content of the course since no one was experienced enough other than one person who is Basit Ali. As a businessman, Basit Ali has a very busy schedule but he was always available for us whenever we needed him. Deciding the roles of team members, planning the whole course, selecting a platform, engaging the students were all the challenges we faced during the course. Since no one is born with experience, we all are getting experience to make OBS better day by day.

Since the OBS team has completed the half course, the students are also getting interested in learning. Two of the students have already started their online business by the learning and motivation that OBS has given them. It is a great success for the OBS team. It is the first step to lower the rate of unemployment in Pakistan.

After completing half of the course, we are getting different experiences like teaching, team management, communication skills, etc. But the most important part is that we are educating the students to earn online and they are learning. Today they are learning, tomorrow they will be earning and supporting their families and achieving their dreams.

For the first batch, we might not get a larger audience but we will improve it in the future. We planned to charge money from now on. Not a large amount of money but a small amount of money so that if a student has registered himself/herself then he/she should show some interest. For the next batch, we will also conduct interviews with the students to know their level of interest. We will be focusing on the campaign to enroll as many students as possible. We have decided to invite some guests to our course to share their success stories to motivate students. We are learning different experiences day by day and we are hoping to make a change in society and InshAllah one day we will make a change when thousands of students will start earning during the study. We are very grateful to Amal Academy to provide us the opportunity to start this project.