Mega Project Amal Circle 8: Online Business Startup

Syed Ali Murtaza
4 min readMay 10, 2021


Unemployment is becoming one of the major issues in Pakistan. Many organizations working on this issue. The recent stats of Unemployment in Pakistan from Dawn News.

Unemployment among educated people is more widespread than other segments of the workforce.

Number of jobless people to reach 6.65M in 2020–21 (

Provision of employment, particularly to the youth, is a big challenge and highly important to develop and utilize capabilities of the younger generation.

So, our circle has decided to support the society through this mega project. The main idea of this project is to provide online training to students who are in their final year and ready to start their professional lives. We will also train those who want to support their families or bear their own expenses alongside their studies.

Goals which we are planning to achieve through this project:

  • Reducing unemployment
  • Helping youth to start their business
  • Skill-building
  • Empowering youth
  • Providing with different entrepreneurship ideas
  • Social media marketing
  • Customer dealing

Project execution:

The first step to kickstart this mega project was to assign it a unique name and design its logo. For this purpose, we have named our project OBS which is “ Online Business Startup”. We are also done with logo designing.

Logo of our mega project

The next step was to design the content outline. After having deep discussions among all team members, we have finally created the outline for the course. And now we are working on the content of the course. Among all circle members, Muhammad Basit has an experience of over 3 years in this field. He is the moderator of this project, who is responsible for designing content of the course. After designing our course, we are planning to reach out to a professional to approve the course content. For this purpose, we have shortlisted a few entrepreneurs who are already working on youth unemployment and hoping to get a positive response from them.

This is our course outline:

  • deciding your niche ( finding products )
  • designing (banners, posts, logo, brand name)
  • creating social media pages
  • setting up your social media pages
  • planning your budget
  • adding messenger and whatsapp button
  • running campaigns ( bosting, advertising, marketing etc)
  • setting up messenger bots
  • bank account information
  • shipping account
  • time management

Alongside, we are also spreading the word on social media as our main target is to start earning by using social media platforms. As social media presence is very important, we have created a Facebook page for our project and are working on an Instagram page.

our Facebook Page

We have also decided our tagline which is:

“For Success, Follow OBS”

Tagline of our startup

We are planning to start the selection process of candidates in the coming week. For this purpose, we will organize webinars and online sessions to educate them about our course and the importance it holds for them. Then we will select the passionate candidates after interviewing them.

For delivering lectures, we are planning to use Zoom and Facebook live. We are hoping to start our course after Eid holidays.


The timeline we have created to execute our project:

  • Deciding our mega project title ( Done )
  • Designing logo ( Done )
  • Creating social media pages ( Done )
  • Course content designing / Lecture designing ( in process )
  • Advertisement
  • Banner designing, (1 day)
  • Posting on social media ( 1day )
  • Online sessions ( PPT slides) (1 day)
  • Google forms ( 1 day)
  • The selection process of candidates — sessions with shortlisted candidates ( 2 days)
  • Start of course-delivering lectures ( 2 weeks )

Allotting each circle member with different tasks:

Let me introduce my team members who are working together to pull off this project.

Muhammad Basit, Ali Murtaza, Zain ul Hassan, Muhammad Imran, Ammara zahoor, Kushaf Mohsin, Hawwa Sadiq.

We have divided different tasks among all circle members based on their potential and what they can do best.

  • Management ( Hawwa, Ali )
  • Documentation ( Kashaf, Zain )
  • Social media handling ( Imran, everyone )
  • Course Designing ( Basit )
  • Graphic designing ( Ali, Ammara )
  • Advertisement ( Ammara, Zain )
  • Selection Process (Imran, Basit )
  • Delivering Lecture ( Basit, Ammara, kushaf, Hawwa )

We are hoping to give our best and succeed in making an impact on society by educating youth through this pilot program.