Just Start Working on your Goals

“I like to begin where winds shake the first branch.” ― Odysseus Elytis

Making goals are too easy but achieving them is too difficult. All of us in our lives make goals and plans. Some people plan to have a good job, some plan to start a business to earn good money, and some plan to serve humanity, these all are right. But the real thing is How many of them achieve their goals? Surely, your answer will be “only a few of us”. Then where is the problem do our goals not matched with our personality, or do we lose focus and consistency, but the strange thing is none of the above is the right one!

A thousand miles of the journey began from the first step.

The only thing that many of us do not do is taking the first step towards our goals. We just started to wait for the miracle and do nothing. That’s why we failed in our goals. And then, in the end, we blame the fortune, lack of opportunities, and so on. Let’s take the first step together!

As I am a student of Software Engineering and you all know at bachelor’s level you learn too many courses and it is hard to decide that in which field you will pursue your career. That’s why today I analyzed my interest and decided to pursue my career in Computer networking. I choose this field because of its extensive usage in all industries like Education, Medical, Entertainment, Information, Finance and Businesses services, and so on. It is an ever-evolving field due to advancements in technologies, and students consider it as the most suitable career for them. It provides the chance to influence other industries and a variety of fieldwork experiences.

In order to pursue my career and excel in this field, I have to have great skills and knowledge in it. That’s why I made some research and found the CISCO Networking Academy that offers many Networking Courses with high standards. I have already enrolled myself in the “Networking Essential” course and I hope this will help me to boost up this field. This my justStart point and the first step towards my goal and I believe this is just the beginning of my journey towards my goals. I will remain persistent and motivated to learn new things related to computer networking to excel in this field. After completing this first course I will enroll myself in another one and will keep going. I am planning to get

International Certifications too in this field and an internship in order to get more experience.

I took my first step…! Now your turn, take your first step, and keep moving!



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