Eat That Frog with Pomodoro

No matter you are a student or a professional one we all face the problem of procrastination at some point in life. It limits your productivity and makes you feel buried under the load of pending work. I have observed that most students face this problem. They procrastinate their assignments, quizzes and right before the deadline they try to complete all pending work. No doubt you submit your work on time but the quality of work is significantly low. Let’s get rid of these procrastination habits through a very useful technique called Pomodoro. I applied this technique in my life and observed very effective results.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

It is a very simple but effective technique. The first step is to choose a task whom you want to work on (e.g., complete assignment, prepare notes, etc.). Set the Pomodoro timer (alarm) to 25 minutes and start working on the task until the timer rings. If a distraction pops into your mind, write it down, and immediately get back to your work. After the timer tings, put a star (or a tick) on a piece of paper and take a short 3–5 minute break. Repeat the same steps until you have 4 ticks on your paper. After that, you can take a long break (15–20 minutes) and continue working on your task by going to step 1 until you complete your task.

How does this technique benefit me?

As I always keep procrastinating my tasks and in the end, I have a bunch of things to do. I implemented the Pomodoro technique in my life and I got excellent results. Though it was not easy and I got a lot of distractions while doing my task. But I tried to remain focused and continue working on my task. When I finished my task I realized I completed it early as usual. This was just because of the Pomodoro technique that I applied. Because I took breaks between my tasks that’s why I was not tired and had the energy to do more.

I hope I will continue applying this technique in my life because of its positive effect on my life. Now it’s your turn to adopt it and be more productive in your life.



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